On"Liner" Notes- Ooo Dontcha Wanna and Uptight

Hey guys!

Thank you for checking out our website and especially for taking the time to read our journal section.  We have decided to dedicate a NEW topic in the journal section on our website to give you even more insight on our music called OnLiner Notes.  This gives us an opportunity to include far more details about our music and specific songs than we could ever put on the actual liner notes of any of our albums.  Stay in touch with us and tell us what you think.  We are leaving the comments turned on just for you.


Ooo Dontcha Wanna and Uptight


These two new singles bring a more realistic sound reminiscent of the MP live experience. We wanted to capture more of our raw energy for our next release so we chose favorites "Ooo Dontcha Wanna" and "Uptight" to showcase that. We liked the contrast of these songs because of their completely different attitudes and mind sets. 

Uptight was written by Melanie (bassist) to "come to terms with oneself", being a song that poses paranoia in a women's mind. Ooo Dontcha Wanna was written by Rider (guitarist) about crazy party nights in a careless mind. 

We've had the pleasure of recording these with our friend Jason Ringelstetter at the Tonic Room and we're so honored to find a producer/engineer who was open to experimenting with us. We also had a rad time working with our friend Seth Graham who provided his organ skills on "Uptight". So much love and thanks to those guys... 

Thanks so much for riding along with us and we hope you enjoy these two new releases!