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“Infectious psych-rock from the Boise-hailing band that mixes strong pop sensibility into their own brand of heaviness.”

- Portland Mercury

“Hailing from Nampa, Idaho, this band has been described as ‘a sweaty rock n’ roll hurricane’ (Idaho Statesman), and that’s deadly accurate. Swooning, dark, rhythmic, powerful rusty rock n’ roll with a strong female lead singer … They’re an elusive rock n roll beast.

They share a lot of stylistic similarities with the band Russian Circles – dark, heavy, free-flowing rock n’ roll. They just played Treefort Music Festival and are booked to play Inlander Music Festival in Spokane June 2nd. On their Facebook band page their members are listed as ‘A Feminist, an Acid-Cowboy, a Stranger, and a Mountain Man.’ Watch out for these guys.”

- Next Northwest

“Marshall Poole isn’t a person; it’s a four-piece rock ’n’ roll outfit that originated out of the Boise suburbs at a New Year’s party in 2011. While the band is most certainly from Idaho, much of the music of their late-2015 release Totems is full of grizzly psychedelic Southern rock licks. It’s music that speaks to your soul while also slapping you in the face.”

- The Inlander

 Totems (Defendu Records)


"The trio of Melanie Radford, Rider Soran, and Michael Hoobery (with the help of Seth Graham and Bijoux) hand delivered Totems, as if a gift during a season of giving, just in time to be an incredibly strong consideration for everyone’s year end lists [...] With a fuzzy, grinding presence, not to mention only four of the eleven tracks coming in at less than four minutes, the psychedelic rock sound of Marshall Poole humbly marches its way into addictive REALLY fast. From the opener 'Evil Eye,' Totems is hell-bent on redefining expectations with gnarly solos and a sound that is as big on record as it surely is live ... From drifting, if not haunting at times, vocals paired with wandering atmosphere to a battle-axe, take-no-shit-from-no one aggressive sound, Marshall Poole instantly goes from a 'neat, I’ll check this out' to soap box sidewalk preaching of the good word of Poole [...] I won’t lie, Marshall Poole is the type of band that gives hope to those who feel music is losing ground. Their fuzzy, from-the-soul sound compliments an originality that is vividly tenacious and equally addicting. When all modern music seems to be lackluster and Mumfording, this record is a massive right hook poised to knock them square on their ass. With just days left in the year, almost as if on purpose, Totems parks squarely on my top ten [of 2015] and I don’t doubt it will yours as well."

- Nanobot Rock Reviews

"Totems is one of the smartest local albums of 2015, but it could also hold its own against any national "southern psych rock" release. Maybe someone should start bottling Boise's water..."

- Boise Weekly

"a ripper 11 track album ... bringing some great southern psych rock to the table."

- The Craft Presents (Australia)

"Imagine Jimi Hendrix mixed in with some southern and garage rock flare ... It's like a match made in heaven. The production is like a stick of butter, melting in perfectly to its raw and haunting atmosphere. While the instrumentation and production are great on their own, so are its tracks, and holy hell these songs are awesome."

Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars (out of 5)

- AlbumPhobia