Alpha Omega

Official Music Video

Premiered by Punktastic on February 5th, 2017. 'Alpha Omega' was created in collaboration with Northwest Motion Pictures, featuring LED dancer Evan Stevens, and under the direction of Jessica Winfree.

A note from the director:

First of all, I love this song. It inherently has a darkness, voicing the power that can be cultivated in that darkness. However, there is a thin line that can, and does, get crossed into madness and self-destruction. Our dancing protagonist does exactly that.
I referred to tarot cards to grow his narrative, which aligned remarkably with the lyrics of Alpha Omega. On the path to self discovery, he battles the light with his mask of shadows. The culmination of his darkness leads to chaos, collapse, and the death of our character's chapter.
In our coverage of the band, it was important for my shots to be dark with selective light and vibrant color to represent the powerful energy found in the darkness. In contrast, our dancer is in black and white, void of color and completely exposed in the light, but draws strength from his own shadows until he reaches his end.
*Let it all in, and you may find freedom in your ruination.*

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